Headshot for RumbleThe Aftermath is a sports news reaction website created by Chris McGlynn, graduate from Syracuse University. Chris currently works for the SU Juice Online.

The Aftermath first began on March 14, 2014 when Chris decided to utilize a blog to vent all of the ideas about sports bouncing around in his head. The blog debuted under the name Sports with Snowball and was hosted on a Weebly site. After several months of uncommitted work, Chris set his eyes on legitimizing the blog and pushing for a larger readership. Thus, Second Look Sports came to be as the site was completely rebranded with a new logo, tagline and host site in Word Press. Eventually, Chris finally bought the web domain and renamed the site The Aftermath to better identify what the website is all about.

In 2018, after periods of little new material, The Aftermath started adding more content, bringing on Matt Luppino, Jack Venezia and Brian Mandel as full-time contributors.

This site is still in its infancy as growth has been slow, but Chris still hopes that one day this could be an interesting sports forum.

Guest Writers

There are a few guest writers frequently featured on The Aftermath:

Name: Matt Luppino
Education: Duke University Class of 2018
Known for: NFL and NBA Mock drafts

Name: Brian Mandel
Education: Case Western Reserve Class of 2019
Known for: Mets Season Preview, NBA MVP debate, Graphic design

Name: Jack Venezia
Education: George Washington University Class of 2018
Known for: Key EPL players, MLS coverage


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