The Aftermath is a sports news reaction website created by Chris McGlynn.

The Aftermath first began on March 14, 2013 when Chris decided to utilize a blog to vent all of the ideas about sports bouncing around in his head. The blog debuted under the name Sports with Snowball and was hosted on a Weebly site. After two years of uncommitted work, Chris set his eyes on legitimizing the blog and pushing for a larger readership. Thus, Second Look Sports came to be as the site was completely rebranded with a new logo, tagline and host site in Word Press. Eventually, Chris finally bought the web domain. He renamed and rebranded the site again, this time settling on the Aftermath to better identify what the website is all about.

In 2018, with the site desperately lacking fresh material, the Aftermath started adding more content, bringing on Matt Luppino, Jack Venezia and Brian Mandel as full-time contributors.

The writers are simply avid fans of sports with opinions to share. With a staff of only four people, the site is not in the business of breaking news. Once that news breaks, we just cover the fallout.


There are a few writers frequently featured on The Aftermath:


Name: Chris McGlynn
Education: Syracuse University Class of 2018
Known for: Endlessly rambling on this site since the very beginning

Chris founded the Aftermath as a junior in high school and made his first feeble attempts at running a sports blog. While some of the early content is cringe-worthy, the site has grown over time and become a fun forum of unique ideas. Chris has been a Jets fan since he was a kid, falling in love with the NFL very early on. He also supports the Minnesota Timberwolves and Newcastle United. Chris is also an avid ultimate frisbee player, and now runs his own podcast interviewing coaches and athletes from the community to tell their stories. At the end of the day, he just wants to talk about sports with other people.


Name: Matt Luppino
Education: Duke University Class of 2018
Known for: NFL and NBA Mock drafts, Yankees coverage

Matt joined the Aftermath very early on, first as a regular commenter on content before beginning to pitch in for bigger pieces. Matt and Chris have tried to predict the entire NFL season together before it starts on many occasions, which often sparks much of the content appearing on this site. Matt has his own background in athletics, running cross country and track for four years at Duke University. If nothing else, he is always good for asking, “HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS?” For the record he is a Buccaneers fan. Matt continues to put his loyalties aside and produce NFL content every year with award predictions, mock drafts and season outlooks. Matt is also great at fantasy football, beating Chris twice in their league championship.


Name: Brian Mandel
Education: Case Western Reserve Class of 2019
Known for: Mets coverage, NBA commentary and award predictions

Brian spent several of the early years of the Aftermath arguing with Chris about NBA topics before he finally started writing on the site himself. Brian was the driving force behind much of the early NBA content on the site and threw himself into NFL mock drafts as well. A die hard New York sports fan, Brian supports the Knicks, Mets and Giants. In recent years, in large part due to his time spent as Case Western, Brian has also started supporting Cleveland sports teams. He is a bandwagoner of bad teams, but sooner or later you know one of them is going to pay off and he can totally say he was with them from the very beginning.


Name: Jack Venezia
Education: George Washington University Class of 2018
Known for: USMNT and MLS Coverage

Jack brings a different element to the Aftermath team with an extensive knowledge of MLS history and international soccer. Jack spends countless hours a week watching, listening and debating MLS content. After years of being a fan, it was time for him to start formally weighing in on America’s top soccer league and international team. Despite his passion for soccer, Jack actually started out participating on NFL mock drafts before producing more consistent soccer content. While Jack might be a fan of the sport in general, he is fiercely loyal to the New York Red Bulls in the MLS. He also supports the New York Jets.


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