Goodell nominated for Time’s Person of the Year and I hope he wins

Tuesday brought to the world the news that Time magazine had released its list of candidates for their annual “Person of the Year” distinction. On this 8 person (well not exactly because there are two groups on it) list included NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. I read the headline NBC Sports headline at first and I actually laughed out loud. I figured “Goodell a finalist for Time’s Person of the Year” was just a mock article that someone had written to poke fun at the often-criticized commissioner. But it turns out that it was a legitimate article announcing Goodell’s inclusion. It is definitely time for a second look at this one.

It is not as bad as it sounds believe it or not. Even though the title has a very positive distinction, the award actually goes to the person Time feels has had the most influence on the news over the past year, whether positive or negative. The NBC article goes on to point out that this could be a perfect opportunity for Time to bring up all of the issues surrounding Goodell that have made headlines over the past year.

Now, I have been calling for Goodell’s dismissal or resignation for some time now. This is the same man who botched the handling of Ray Rice’s suspension after a domestic violence scandal, eventually allowing for Rice’s early reinstatement. He failed to act when Adrian Peterson was indicted for beating his son with a switch. He has been wholly ineffective in improving the game of football for the NFL. His so called “major accomplishments” this season regarding rule changes that outline consequences for domestic violence came as a result of lack of protocol when issues arose, not any sort of forward thinking. I would love for Time to pick Goodell and take another shot at shaming the maligned commissioner into stepping down from his position he obviously no longer deserves.

I have some confidence that Goodell could win too. The only way he definitely chalk up a loss is if he was running against FIFA President Sepp Blatter (if you want some context for who he is, watch this video. Some of the language is not appropriate for children but the message is thorough and comprehensive). Goodell is really in consideration with “Apple CEO Tim Cook, Alibaba founder Jack Ma, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Iraqi Kurdish President Massoud Barzani, singer Taylor Swift, Ebola caregivers, and protestors in Ferguson, Missouri” according to NBC Sports. It is a very odd mix of candidates but all of them have made the news in some way or another.

Goodell was certainly in a tough situation that was for the most part new to any commissioner of a major sports league but that does not mean we should pardon Goodell for his shortcomings. I sincerely hope Time puts Goodell in his place and uses this as a means to spark enough controversy to finally enact the change that should have happened months ago.


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