Will Levis 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Name: Will Levis
Position: Quarterback
School: Kentucky
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 229 lbs
Games watched: vs. Ole Miss (2022), vs. Mississippi State (2022), vs. Georgia (2021), vs. Tennessee (2021), vs. Missouri (2021), Florida (2022)

Which version of Will Levis do you believe is the real one? The 2021 version that led Kentucky to a strong 10-3 season surrounded by decent NFL talent and playing in a better offensive scheme is what pushed Levis into the first-round conversation. The 2022 season plagued by injuries with a worse supporting cast and a new offensive scheme is why there is still discussion about where he will land.

Levis is unquestionably talented. However, his stats are far from eye-popping. He had 43 passing touchdowns over the past two seasons along with 23 interceptions. He makes up for some of the turnovers with his production on the ground. He had nine touchdowns on the ground in 2021. His two in 2022 can likely be chalked up to injuries to his lower body. For as much as we penalize Levis for his 2022 campaign, there really was not too much statistical drop off. At 23 years old, Levis is a bit further along in his development than several of the other quarterbacks in this class, but there is still some untapped potential in his game.


Levis has one of the strongest arms in this class. He has great zip on his throws and is capable of hitting every spot on the field. His throwing motion is also very fluid. The release is clean and consistent. His mobility is a huge plus in his game. He does an excellent job flipping his hips out of a rollout to get himself in position to throw downfield. Some of the window throws he makes on the run are absolutely ridiculous. As a runner, he has good straight line speed and decent wiggle. He will make defensive linemen miss in the pocket with his agility. Levis is known for finishing runs as well with power. At roughly 230 pounds, he is not an easy player to bring down.


Unfortunately, Levis’ accuracy does not match the rest of his arm talent. He really struggles to make throws over the middle and is guilty of throwing behind his receiver. The ball placement is just not there consistently enough, with Levis missing high a bit too often for my liking. His deep ball accuracy is a bit spotty as well, but he will dial up a gem every once in a while. His footwork needs some cleaning up, especially when he is forced off his spot. You could tell he trusted his offensive line less in 2022, which led to him dropping back too far or drifting out of clean pockets. His post snap progression is decent, but he will need to speed up his decision making at the next level. His anticipation on timing routes definitely needs to be faster as well. I do worry a little bit about his durability given how reckless he is with his body as a runner.


Levis dazzles with his arm talent and physicality, but he is still a bit raw given how much experience he had in college. His 2021 tape is much better than the 2022 tape. He definitely has a turnover problem that he will need to address. I do believe he will look more like the 2021 version we saw if he can get healthy and play in a better offensive scheme. There is a reason Kentucky brought back Liam Coen, who was the offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams in 2022. It will take some time to see Levis reach his full potential. If he can stay healthy, I think he can be an above-average starter in the NFL.

Ideal scheme fit: RPO-heavy offense

Grade: 81.5

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