Top remaining potential draft steals

Most of the well-known names are off the boards, it is the point in the NFL Draft where everyone is looking for a potential steal. The fourth round is about to get under way. Here are my top five potential steals left on the board as we enter day three.

Cardale Jones, Quarterback, Ohio State
Jones’ potential is through the roof. He has a tremendously high ceiling but also a very low floor. That comes as a result of Jones being very raw and sporadic. He has some really great game film from the end of the 2014 college season. However, his film from 2015 is less than compelling. The biggest concern is his inconsistency and lack of game experience. He will be a project, but he is oozing with potential.

Jordan Howard, Running Back, Indiana
His very interesting college career might be causing him to slide. He has very solid speed, running a 4.59 40 time. However, he lacks some agility that would make him a great player at the professional level. He might not always need it though because he is a bit of a bruiser. Howard had a ton of production in college, which should bode well for him going forward. He could be a great compliment to a speed back somewhere else in the league.

Christian Westerman, Offensive Guard, Arizona State
He started out at Auburn and eventually went back home to ASU, but he projects well in the NFL. He has massive hands, which allows him to control defensive players at the point of attack. Westerman has great raw strength, but he doesn’t always find the best way to translate that into his play. Give him a year to learn from an experienced line coach and Westerman could be a starting lineman in 2017.

Miles Killebrew, Safety, Southern Utah
I am very surprised to still see Killebrew on the board. I really thought he would be a day two selection, which means him still being on the board gives him the label of a steal. He is hard hitter with great size at 6’2″ and 215 pounds. He also possesses really good straight-line speed running a 4.5 at his pro day. He is a bit of a raw talent, but he was very productive at Southern Utah. I wonder if his time at a small school is hurting him here, but he should be a special teamer early on before moving into a potential starting role down the line.

Scooby Wright III, Middle Linebacker, Arizona
This is a tough one. Wright was one of the best linebackers in college football in 2014, but fell off significantly in 2015. Part of that is due to a knee injury, but the dropoff is concerning. He was a very productive college player, but his play is often described as sporadic. He is not a clean tackler and often lacks balance needed to stay on plays. With some coaching and some time to clean up his technique, he could be a very good player. Some scouts were comparing him to Zach Thomas. I wouldn’t mind drafting another Zach Thomas in the fourth or fifth round.

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