Why I am defending Tom Brady

Let’s establish something right now, I am not and never have been a Patriots fan. In fact, I am completely the opposite. I am Jets fan. I hate the Patriots. I despise Bill Belichick for spurning the Jets all those years ago. I hate Tom Brady. I can’t stand Ty Law. Randy Moss in a Patriots uniform makes me sick. The fact that Danny Woodhead was so successful in New England drives me crazy.

Brady’s suspension forces him to miss the first four games of the 2016 regular season. (Wikimedia Commons)

I digress though because I am actually here to defend Tom Brady. The New England quarterback had his suspension reinstated on Monday following a new decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals. Brady is now set to miss the first four games of the 2016 season.

In most cases, that would make me really happy. I love seeing Brady upset or ticked off. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him get battered in the AFC Championship game against the Broncos. I relish his post game press conferences when he loses to the Jets. So naturally, Brady missing the first four games of the season should make me happy right?

Roger Goodell
Goodell’s annual salary is thought to be around $43 million. The NFL is not required to release his salary. (Wikimedia Commons)

Well not exactly. While Brady missing the first four games hurts the Patriots, something I enjoy, it also reinforces a bigger issue. Roger Goodell is still in charge of player discipline and more often than not, he makes decisions regarding player punishment without any rhyme or reason.

Based on the evidence found against Brady, the league really only had grounds to punish him for personal misconduct and refusal to cooperate. His destroying of his cell phone certainly made him look guilty and definitely underlines his lack of cooperation.

However, that is about where the hard evidence ends. Scientifically, the Patriots explained away any differences in the air pressure of the footballs in question from the 2015 AFC Championship against the Colts. The NFL essentially had nothing on Brady or the Patriots.

The issue being debated now in court is over the commissioner’s ability to assess discipline as he sees fit. I think that is a major issue. I’ve been saying for a while now that Goodell should not be in charge and that the league needs to change how it handles player punishments. Removing Goodell from the equation is a good first step.

This is a man who has continually botched situations like the Ray Rice incident and has shown his true colors. Goodell is a sexist, egotistical executive whose sole objective revolves around revenue.

Now, as I have said before, I hate Brady. With a passion. I have tried to set that aside when viewing this situation. I hate Roger Goodell even more, and I will be honest, I have made no effort to set those feelings aside when critiquing him.

Jimmy Garoppolo
In Brady’s absence, the Patriots will likely start second-year quarterback Jimmy Garappolo. (Wikimedia Commons)

The reason for that is because the type of hate I have for Brady and the type of hate I have for Goodell are fundamentally different. I hate Brady because he is really good at what he does and because his success often goes against what I would like to see happen as a sports fan. I hate Goodell on the other hand because he is terrible at what he does and I do not believe that he deserves to be in power. There is a very distinct difference in the reason why I hate each of them.

Brady has become the unfortunate center of the NFLPA’s challenge to Goodell’s power. He likely doesn’t deserve a four-game suspension. He is also not definitively guilty. But this is no longer about proving Brady guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This is about establishing the power of the commissioner to suspend and fine players at his discretion. A power that I hardly think he deserves.

So yes, I am defending Brady. Not because I like him, or even think that he is completely innocent of all wrong doing. I am defending him because his opponent is Goodell, and I will never be on board with supporting that sycophantic, corrupt, greedy, misogynistic dictator who has continually brought shame to the sport that I love to watch on Sundays.

I hate Brady, but I know when to draw the line.

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7 thoughts on “Why I am defending Tom Brady

  1. Chris, there’s one part of your article that I thought was a little misleading: “Based on the evidence found against Brady, the league really only had grounds to punish him for personal misconduct and refusal to cooperate. His destroying of his cell phone certainly made him look guilty and definitely underlines his lack of cooperation.

    Brady turned over all of the relevant texts during his appeal, and Roger Goofdell REFUSED to even look at them! (It was also his PERSONAL cell phone not a league or NE phone…The NFL had NO RIGHT to ask for it…I don’t think you’d give your boss your personal phone).

    Ted Wells said in his report that Tom Brady FULLY COOPERATED with him and his team of investigators.


  2. Nice to see a rational and objective viewpoint coming from a Jets fan. I’m in agreement that Goodell is worthy of criticism and should not have his job, but it’s really the 31 other team owners who are standing behind him. Hiding behind him is more true. He couldn’t take the actions he does without their direction and consent. So, even getting rid of Goodell may not change the way the NFL is run, because the root of the problem has not changed. I hope that Brady makes another appeal and has more success. The court decision here was unfathomable to me. So much wrong with it. I would think that a majority of NFL players are behind Brady’s efforts to overturn his suspensions if for no other reason than it helps their own position. At some future point, with some distance, I expect many people will be grateful for the effort Brady has made to clear his name and challenge Goodell, win or lose.

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      • Yeah, sometimes sports are like that. Meaning, a team can suffer such long strings of poor fortune or comical errors it becomes funny to the outside, but mind racking to fans.

        Agree with pretty much everything you said. Even though Brady really shouldn’t be punished IMO for not turning over his personal phone(Goodell didn’t with Rice, lol) I can understand where your coming from on it. And in general it was clear Goodell had an agenda, just like he does with everything really.

        As a Brady fan(more than a Pats fan really) I will admit that I think Pats fans/Brady fans are starting to not be sane either. Not because our team went thru many decades of not being very strong(no SB wins til 2001-2002 season), winning those SBs made up for it. But because of attacks starting with SG, and ok fair enough agree or disagree with the punishment, but with Deflategate it was so absurd some fans have gotten so they are quick to react or feel under attack. So they tend to be a bit reactive. Bunker mentality. The mainstream media finally came around for us, but early on it was sorta us vs the world.

        So I “somewhat” get where your coming from on the sane part.


    • So says the troll in whose head the Jets live rent free and who rationalizes his support for the Patriots who have more convictions for cheating in the last 15 years than any other team does in the last 25 years.

      Is there a Jets article anywhere you haven’t made a concerted effort to troll and talk crap? Dude, you really need to get a life.

      BTW, I do think the “deflate gate” stuff is a complete load of garbage, but Brady destroying the cell phone isn’t.


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